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The Happiness At Work Program

How would you like a more engaged workforce? Employees who collaborate better, display more discretionary effort, are more creative, innovative and resilient? 

Research clearly shows that happy workers are better workers, so we’re excited to announce the launch of the first ever “Happiness at Work Program”, something every one of your employees can participate in.

In a recent article, businessman and entrepreneur, Richard Branson advised:

"I'm often asked: What is the key to success? My answer is always simple: happiness.

I know I'm fortunate to live an extraordinary life, and that most people would assume my business success, and the wealth that comes with it, have brought me happiness. But they haven't; in fact it's the reverse. I am successful, wealthy and connected because I am happy.

So many people get caught up in doing what they think will make them happy but, in my opinion, this is where they fail. Happiness is not about doing, it’s about being. In order to be happy, you need to think consciously about it. Don’t forget the to-do list, but remember to write a to-be list too.”

So what is it?

The Happiness at Work Program introduces daily exercises for 6 weeks that aim to become daily rituals in the employee’s workday to improve personal happiness and positively impact productivity.

Employees write in their own copy of The Happiness at Work Program at the beginning of their workday, setting a positive and happy mindset with which to start their day.

The way these questions and this program have been written is to train people to seek out the positive moments in their day, however small and register them. After doing this for just a few short weeks thinking in a positive way should start to become automatic.


Investing in your employees wellbeing is an all round win – win. Happy, engaged employees are a competitive advantage.

In the simplest terms:

  • They’re happier. Retention rates are higher.
  • Absenteeism rates are lower. You’re happier.
  • Customers are happier. 

Happiness could be described as the ultimate productivity booster as when employees are happier, they:

  • Are more engaged
  • Work more effectively and also collaboratively
  • Are more creative and show greater innovative thinking

All while feeling more valued, as The Happiness at Work Program is about them as individuals.

What is different about this program?

The program is simple, inexpensive and easily integrated into an employee’s day.

It’s personal - Your staff members are your biggest asset - they benefit as individuals, taking control of their own wellbeing and so become happier.

It’s different from the usual staff training, it doesn’t need a facilitator and it’s all about your staff personally not their work skills.

This is suitable for people of all ages and levels. This program is about being open minded - it doesn't relate to age or position. 

The final week’s task encourages staff to develop an ongoing happiness plan for themselves, to further embed their newly learnt skills after the formal program is complete.

This is suitable for your entire organisation

We recommend your Leadership Team complete the program first, before you roll this out on a larger scale.

We provide a Communications Roll Out Package to help with the management of this, which you don't have to use, however it can be helpful to have to hand.

On completion each Leader can then tailor the management of this program to their own team/s requirements.